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Services and Activities

More than 10 years we roll experience working and creating effective web solutions for some of the biggest brands. plan and implement strategies for online marketing internet communications, e-commerce and customer service in Internet. We take care about the reputation of the brand and communicate the marketing objectives of our clients with the tools of the digital space.

In our offices in Bulgaria and Switzerland work professionals in different fields of digital service, which allows us to provide services at the highest level in the fields of internet marketing, creative, design and architecture of databases and content, online video and multimedia, mobile marketing  and communications solutions for social networks and building of complex information systems and  software.

New media, old economy

Efficiency above all provides its clients Internet and digital tools that increase the effectiveness of their work. We improve the service to our customers by creating and improving the customer relationship management (CRM), building and keeping an interactive relationship with the market, reduce the price to reach the target client, increasing the effectiveness of marketing communication and improve the systems for online sales. assume responsibility for achieving of specific marketing objectives.

The power of experience
We are unique on the market, that provide a uniform and effective solution for marketing, advertising, technological and creative challenges. Scope of our know-how covers all aspects of use of new media (Internet and mobile platforms) for marketing purposes, online sales and customer service (CRM). This covers a wide range of services - planning and implementing advertising campaigns on the Internet through the creation of large-scale web services and solutions, integrated marketing campaigns, programs and loyalty systems,  implementation of CRM systems to work and customer service.

Half-step ahead
All projects that we create and the solutions that we offer are the result of adaptation of technology to the needs of the client. In believe that successful brands will increasingly seek to concentrate their work with the audience on the Internet and new media.. That's way we create a structure to meet their needs. The key to success is our knowledge of the digital environment, business models and expectations of our clients to it.

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