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To this date, the competition on the market starts at the recruitment, training and human resource development. Finding prepared specialists becomes impossible mission that makes the education of the available resources a major factor in the success of the company.

It's time for an e-ducated staff

Trained staff

The Lack of personnel in the IT industry and positions related to the use of Internet for online marketing campaigns, successful sales and effective business decisions is great.
2007 showed that the crisis in this respect becomes deeper and the turnover dictated by "turning" of the same peoples between companies at higher wages is not a decision for the market.

This was the reason, being among the innovative companies in the region to seek partners and together to find solution to this increasingly serious problem. Our decision was to create a first of its kind in the Balkans training center named e-Academy. In a short-term the objectives of e-Academy are working with companies in direction improving the skills and knowledge of existing human resources. As a result of the training in e-Academy Digital solutions become ever more successful and integrated part of the business development of the company.

E-Academy is a partner of all companies in the process of training and improvement of human resources and ensuring the future through an investment in their adequate and appropriate training.


These are some of the courses which e-Academy organizes as corporate trainings:
- Paid Search Marketing
- Digital Sales - Monetise your Website
- Mobile Content
- Online Media Planning and Buying
- Online Reputation Management
- Online PR
- SEO Public Relations
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Usability and User Experience
- Web Measurement and Analytics
- Web Project Management

More information about e-academy and corporate training programs can be obtained at:


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