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Experience is the key to success on the Internet

Our experience gained from 1998 until now with clients IKEA, Honda, IWC, Toyota, the city of Davos, the Government of New Zealand and others. lead to the creation of an extremely simple and effective procedure to achieve successful e-marketing and sales results for our clients on the Internet. This procedure of a series of steps and processes for years one of our customers called the "seven lamps" and we decided to accept this name. is an interactive agency with expertise in the creation and implementation of web and mobile strategies for international and local companies and brandove. responsible for the virtual image and e-business of our customers and therefore look very seriously at the site and its position in the markets on which we operate.

To be selective

We do NOT serve hundreds of companies. We estimate our clients needs, scale, products and services and become their interactive agency in case we can be of help. We work for market leaders or companies with the potential to become such (in various sectors of industry) that have the greatest need for efficient digital communications and internet marketing. We help them in creating strategies for internet marketing and sales. e also consultant or general contractor in collecting data on potential customers, demographic and behavioral (behavioristic) studies in the creation of models for customer service online or to implement Internet sales. We bear responsibility to produce the planned strategic and tactical tools (web design, flash design, programming, implementation of various modules and systems - CMS, CRM; integration with ERP, etc.). For several years in order to meet the ever growing client's needs of our digital production has developed the program " Technology Partners", by which we and our customers have virtually unlimited production capacity.

We understand the administrative structure and characteristics of companies that we work with over the years and we have developed a very simple and effective platform for working together, aiming to achieve an optimal effect with minimal effort from our clients (the "seven lights" procedure ).

The three parts of success

In times of growing and expanding digital communications it prooved that advertisiers need a new formula for successful marketing and advertising solutions and this is the "formula of the three parties:

For each of the projects and clients works on the European markets and in particular Bulgaria, we upgrade the successful solutions of the advertising agencies with effective internet marketing tools and platforms. So we transform the one to many advertising message (traditional marketing) into a dialogue and conversation with the client over the Internet or the mobile environment.

If you want to learn more about the "seven lights" procedure and how works and consults the clients to achieve effective marketing and sales through the digital environments, you may contact us now.

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