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Euroins Website

View project develops a complete e-marketing concept in order to create an e-strategy for presenting the main directions of Euroins:
  • Insurance Euroins AD, Bulgaria
  • Euroins - Health Insurance Co., Bulgaria

The project presents the Insurance company Euroins in internet, setting on functionality and easy navigation. The presented information in the site is entirely managed by the elaborated on the project content management system. implements specialized software tools for insurance products (Euroins AD). Client modules used for Euroins - Health Insurance fully meet needs and expectations of consumers, providing convenient and easy review and reaching large audience of potential customers of the company through Internet.

Our many years client Eurohold trusts us again and assigns us a task to create the online vision of Euroins Insurance Romania and Euroins Insurance Macedonia. Projects will correspond to internet web project of Euroins Bulgaria (

Date of completion: 18.4.2008

Web project for insurance business

web site design and planning of web projects

e-strategy for insurance industry

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