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e-Commerce platforms and e-Business solutions

We create a mobile e-business, whose platform is entirely consistent with the nature of the business of our clients. We integrate new ideas and business models, but all our proposals and  decisions are based on proven tools and platforms. Our services are built in a way, so  our decisions for e-commerce and online sales can be easily integrated with other back-end systems (ERP, CRM, etc.).

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New ideas are our challenge. The secret to the success of is that we always encourage our clients to have bigger expectations to online services and solutions for electronic commerce (e-commerce) and sales, which we provide them, regardless of how hard it seems at first to be achieved and justified. Thus we don't rely on the known schemes for our success and we don't limit to certain services or industries for which to work. We are always ready to hug another challenge, no matter how unusual and unique it is.

Concepts of our services and solutions follow the concepts of business models of our clients.
Concepts of our services and solutions follow the concepts of business models of our clients. We build online web solutions, whose structure and functionalities meet the requirements of the industry, for which we do them and often unique business models. Insurance is to sold differently than loans and credit cards, airline tickets from electronics - we understand these nuances and know how to "translate" these differences in business needs in the language of technology and the Internet user.

The unique online consumer awareness of brand. The sale of products and services in Internet is not just a price and a description. It is a visual concept, function and a strategy of digital services. This is the effect of general impression and feeling that the user gets in contact with the online brand, product or service. In this area has superior experience and numerous examples of competent and highly effective online solutions.

Integration of web services with back-end systems. helps its clients to build and sustain a real business in Internet. We integrate online solutions which we build with services and information from financial accounting, warehousing and other systems and modules to the client. The CRM systems that we create can be used to manage the communication with clients to implement of promotions and for analysis and reports.

Automation of the sale process. We build solutions - web projects, intranets and web sites that fully automate business processes, sales, etc., and may include, as different units within the company and outside (traditional and internet partners, suppliers and retailers for example ).

Generate traffic and sales. have proven experience in the field of "result" marketing. We help our clients in promoting their services through different digital and Internet  channels, as our ultimate goal is an application for direct purchase or sale. Our consideration in these cases depends on the results.

We bear responsibility

Proven technology platforms. We don't have any technological constraints in the implementation of business ideas to our clients. E-business technology solutions that we offer to our clients are such that we would have developed and integrated if we were managers of their companies.

The outlook for a secure development. A serious web project would not have survived without changes and new functionalities, even for a week. works with clients in a long term, ensuring the security of built solutions. Ordering the development of a web project to, you get the opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in optimizing of the internet presenting in a technical, marketing and business plan, which means higher levels of marketing effectiveness and more sales at a lower cost for maintenance .

Interesting and useful additional services. is an expert in the field of research and empirical optimization of the use of web services. Our know-how gives our clients a unique opportunity to analyze a certain structure of a web page (navigation, structure  of products / services, information architecture and content, and more. On the basis of our program  " technology partners" we provide other services in this point management and consultancy services, regarding building and maintaining the necessary IT infrastructure.

Contact us and we'll help you in planning, development and the maintenance of effective e-commerce platforms, CRM and digital solutions for your business.

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