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e-media planning, web media buying, online campaigns

Predictable results

Targeting: the right channels for the purposes of the campaign
More than 10 years  develops Internet (e-) marketing -  we know how to do branding, online sales, and effective Internet ad. We know how to achieve a high rate of effectiveness whether it's a collection of databases or e-commerce. Our clients always receive a complete and competent service.
In the process of media planning, marketing specialist of and our partners create a digital strategy for all digital channels (Internet and mobile platforms) and provide a plan for specific outcomes of the campaign. After the launch of the campaign the analysts and marketing specialists work towards improving of the communication channels and achieving targets and results. In Internet, the channel is only one element of the formula for the success. Another very important variable for the effectiveness of an Internet advertisement (CPC ad words, CPM, social media and networks) / marketing campaign is a digital creative.

Digital creative adapted to the specifics of the campaign and channels
Based on an empirical trials and tests, provides accurate data for the effectiveness of graphic and navigation solutions on the target groups, before to be too late to react. We do not impose views, and provide specific facts and evidences that our advices and opinion worth to be taken into account. We help our clients to understand the nuances of Internet marketing and use them to achieve the audience, sales and collection of marketing data or other defined effect for specific Internet  advertising and campaign (knowledge of the brand, image, sales, collection of data and mix of them).

Maximum range, competitive prices 

All channels of internet and digital communications under one cover
Working with allows our clients to focus on achieving the maximum effect of internet marketing and the advertising campaign (online and offline), while saving their efforts to carry out management and coordination of the various digital channels. In  internet and mobile marketing and advertising campaign that incorporates all possible methods to reach audiences, including Affiliate marketing, mailing, blog (blog, blogging), and also "traditional" banner campaigns in all their varieties, our clients receive a consolidated and audited report covering all channels.

One message, many formats
We plan and implement internet marketing and advertising campaigns in all digital channels, using all formats of communication. We plan and distribute such communication formats in a planned and coordinated scheme and a model.

Competitive prices and work in different scales
Through our e-consulting specialists and partners we work with all major media and media shops in the process of media buying. We offer competitive prices for each format of a digital campaign, regardless of the period.

Look for our specialists to plan and implement online advertising and marketing campaigns.

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